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Cool Change

October is a month of change. We have many months with change, but I think we particularly focus on Oct. whether in the South or the North. Shifting temps, snowbirds, leaf change–all peak in October. If you are like so many of us, music brings back memories. For me, I think of mountains and good times as an undergrad when I hear certain tunes. Maybe you have a fall set of tunes, flavors and smells. We are grooving to Pumpkin Spice Jazz on YouTube, with the smell of cinnamon streusel for back-up. The cool changes we once had with sailing…

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Not There Yet

This is a common refrain. A caregiver asks Dr. Cate for dementia guidance. I answer a specific question and then outline strategic plans they may want to consider. The response is always “We are not there yet.” The question to ask yourself is “where is there?” When your relationship is enough overwhelmed with brain change to ask for help—where are you? As a caregiver myself, I hear myself saying “not there yet”. This is an answer that comes from my desire to be anywhere but here—and my fear of there. It is my fear of financial struggle, and my fear…

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The “We’s” Have It

Whether you are introvert, extrovert, caregiver or care recipient one variable that proves powerful in health research is social support. As the national and international discussion swirls around the dangers of the “lone wolf” the value of spending time with select others is reiterated. In Alzheimer’s research this has been particularly emphasized. Alzheimer’s caregivers who have social support report higher confidence in their caregiving and higher life satisfaction. Yet having been a family caregiver, I have experienced the drop-off of friends and family when I needed them the most. How do I gain or maintain social support in the face…

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