Is Dementia Taking Over Your Life and Lives Around You?

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It really is all about ME

Are you or someone you know finding it difficult to navigate the dementia journey?

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Contact Dr. Cate, Dementia Coach for consultation whether your role is:
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With decades of professional dementia care experience, a Master’s in Thanatology and a PhD in Aging Studies, Dr. Cate will provide direction and referral to assist.
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How can Dr. Cate help families?

A dementia diagnosis is usually the first quarter of an extremely long game with many overtimes. Season by season, the game changes and only an expert coach can get you a winning season. Dr. Cate is that coach.

Central to Dr. Cate’s commitment is the star player, the individual with dementia. As a gerontologist I can work with all seniors, but as an experienced coach — dementia is the game I have the most training, most experience, and am most passionate about. The team owner is the family, the care companion, the agency, or the facility.

Dr. Cate’s focus is building the team and navigating the game to best support the star player and his/her team. Caregivers, you too are star players, but you are in the difficult supporting role. Stars for certain. Dr. Cate’s strategies for the star player are always with an eye to your health and wellness.

Dr. Cate strategizes the overview of each play, both past plays and recent based on her years of personal and professional experience. I train the family in CATE strategies while also providing community resources. I suggest new players — including a care manager who is the on-the-field tactician.


Because I have worked as a team member as a daughter-in-law, as a professional, and now as a spouse. I have seen the team fail, repeat misplays to the point of crisis management. I have seen teams pack up in the middle of the night and run from the out-of-control star player. But more importantly, I have seen teams rally, star players stabilize, with a winning streak until the final whistle. That’s how I help you, that’s my success plan for your life with dementia.


We reached out to Dr. Cate for suggestions on improving our secured memory unit and were pleasantly surprised with her thorough and thoughtful suggestions.Dr. Cate’s professional training and experience along with her seasoned perspective was obvious in her proposal from environmental changes to staffing and activities.  Her passion and dedication to dementia is remarkable.  We look forward to working together with Dr. Cate.  Son of Individual with Alzheimer’s

Dr. Cate is a highly energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate professional who speaks from personal and professional experience. She has heart and an infectious laugh that warms your “soul”.
Business Development Specialist, Arden Courts

After decades of dead ends with social workers, hospitals and mental health professionals, Dr. Cate was the one expert who could finally unravel the root cause of our parent’s bizarre behavior. And she did it in only a few sessions. Her kind, patient and calm presence is a welcome relief for any family member struggling to understand the complex world of dementia. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for answers to this debilitating disease that affects so many more people than the one person who has it. Daughter of family member with dementia