Dementia Coaching and Consultation for Individuals and Families

  • BCAT® cognitive screening and assessment tools to assist in determining levels of care needed and behavioral approaches
  • Memory Engagement (ME™), personalized care partner engagement plan based on individual’s biography, current cognitive status
  • Memory Engagement Plan subscription to help keep your loved one engaged and active
  • Telephone and email support for families dealing with dementia diagnosis

Memory Engagement Specialists

A ME™ Specialist is a trained and certified recreation professional providing dementia-specific engagement tailored to the individual’s biography, preferences and cognitive stage. The Specialist works closely with the individual, the family and Dr. Cate in defining what Memory Engagement activities are favored while monitoring the effectiveness cognitively and psycho-socially.

First, a ME™ Plan is developed by Dr. Cate using well-validated cognitive assessment tools, biography and preference inventory. This dynamic plan targets the individual’s current stage, preferences and adapts for cognitive changes.

The ME™ Specialist is an independent contractor who works under the tutelage and direction of Dr. Cate who has over 40 years’ experience in memory care and a PhD in Aging Studies from USF.

Each of the Dr. Cate ME™ Specialists is a certified Creating a Thriving Environment provider.  CATE™ is a multi-level training and accreditation program focused on the best research-based dementia and mental health strategies. Each Specialist is trained in successful dementia strategies as well as the seven components of Memory Engagement.

Dr. Cate’s ME™ Specialists have the personality, the background and the compassion to provide a thriving environment to your care partner despite a diagnosis.  The ME Team includes certified Activities Directors; certified Engagement Therapy Treatment coordinators; Master’s level Educators and PhD’s. We are educated professionals committed to your quality of life with dementia.

Facility & Community Consultation

Dr. Cate has consulted with assisted living communities, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities to optimize dementia-specific environment and recreation.  Webinars, workshops and training are just a few ways Dr. Cate can optimize your outreach.

To contact Dr. Cate, Dementia Coach, email or call 813 384-7571