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Home-Like Environment

Note the present joy to be used to diminish future sadness.

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Prevenient Grace

Her name was Catherine and she was full of grace.  She danced when no one else would.  She’d kiss your hand, and pat your cheek at every introduction.  You were a most welcome friend to her regardless of whether she remembered your name, the day of the week, or the occasion of your “visit.”  She lived the smell of roses.  Her southern hospitality was the welcome of a rose-lined path.  As time went on, the confusion worsened, each fall took its toll in memory loss.  She’d set her jaw in a look of confusion as she sat alone.  But as…

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Fool’s Gold

All that glitters is not gold. When choosing a place for a loved one with dementia it is very important to research what is truly being offered. Is it simply a secured unit? Does it have a different staffing ratio? Is  the staff  trained in dementia care? An individual with dementia has unique activity needs. How is that accommodated on the unit?  Is the unit designed to encourage reminiscence? As a caregiver, you are very aware of the unique challenges your loved one presents in the face of medication; meals; loss of independence. How is the facility prepared to meet…

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If Forced to Choose

My dissertation data collection coupled with helping find Long-Term Care for an elder has left me in a curious position.  I have been a committed proponent of elder healthcare that combines the medical and social model.  Attending body as well as spirit.  The commitment was rooted in two phenomenal work experiences with teams committed to the dual model.  Keep in mind, we didn’t call them by the academic term–medical and social models.  We simply were committed to holistic care at Winter Growth and at Asbury Methodist Village.  Both non-profits had created a team and an environment of care that allowed…

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Pioneer Network

The Pioneer Network is a stakeholder coalition formed in the 80’s by a group of ombudsman in New York. Their funding was from a astute money manager and dairy farm owner, Daisy Marquis. Her foundation funded the group of medical model stakeholders who continue today to fight for Culture Change in nursing home care. They are an organization committed to marrying the social model with the medical model to provide optimal care. Care that meets not just physical needs but psychosocial needs as well. A group committed to autonomy and health. Check out their website: Their DC conference is…

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Autonomy and Health

Autonomy and Health The fine balance necessary between these two standards is never clearer than in the recent Florida death of an 86 year old female resident of an assisted living facility. She signed herself out, went to a local grocery store and then drove off of a boat ramp. She was found seven days later drowned. The media and community reaction varied. It ranged from suicide being her goal, to memory loss and directional impairment, to “the right to die” her way. Had she been residing in a nursing home, she would probably not have had the autonomy to…

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