Pioneer Network

The Pioneer Network is a stakeholder coalition formed in the 80’s by a group of ombudsman in New York. Their funding was from a astute money manager and dairy farm owner, Daisy Marquis. Her foundation funded the group of medical model stakeholders who continue today to fight for Culture Change in nursing home care. They are an organization committed to marrying the social model with the medical model to provide optimal care. Care that meets not just physical needs but psychosocial needs as well. A group committed to autonomy and health. Check out their website: Their DC conference is scheduled for August It’s steep price may limit attendance to true stakeholders but the web site has in-depth information on many significant projects and commitments.

Author: Cate
Passionate about dementia care and quality of life throughout the last days of life----sums up Cate McCarty, Dr. Cate, Dementia Coach. With close to forty years of long-term care experience in nursing and recreation, a Master's in Thanatology and a PhD in Aging Studies, Dr. Cate seizes every opportunity to translate research into quality of life for individuals with dementia and all of us who have the honor to "rub elbows" with them.

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