Harvesting Holiday Memories

What holiday gift do you send to the family members who have been isolated due to COVID and are living with dementia in their midst?

Why not a holiday guidebook for Harvesting Memories? Whether your care partner is living alone or living with family – Harvesting Holiday Memories provides practical guidance and engagement ideas to improve any fall or winter holiday.

From how to set a dementia-friendly table for maximum enjoyment to how to engage family members of all ages, Dr. Cate covers it in a straightforward and engaging style.

Table of Contents

  • Virtual Considerations
  • Family Traditions
  • Simplifying Home and Holidays
  • Reminiscence for the Whole Family
  • Holiday Extras
  • Simple Fun
  • Easy Memorable Recipes
  • Holiday Meal Time
  • Sensualizing the Holiday
  • Gratitude Challenge
  • Puzzles, Art Sheets & METM Instructions

A snippet from the Harvesting Memories Book

This workbook is 36 easy-read pages sized 4.25″ x 5.5″ with a durable card stock cover. In quantities of 1-10, each copy is $15.00. For quantities greater than 10, please contact Cate McCarty at catemccarty@gmail.com

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