De Nada

Responses to thank you. We say, if we are being polite, ‘You are welcome.” Here in Puerto Rico, they say “De Nada”. It’s nothing. That is somehow heartwarming to hear. It’s not a big deal. You can ask for more, I will do it, all those things seem to be said with “De nada”.

As I have journeyed, so has the Alzheimer’s community. Today I see a much more positive side of Alzheimer’s being presented. Sites like Living with Jim and Mom with Alzheimer’s focus on what is happening in the midst of the disease. There is much more of a feeling of life goes on, and this is how it changes. Rather than life stops and it sucks. I see more of the glass half full, A feeling of “De nada’, It’s all part of life, it is not the end. I can deal. Together we can.

A new book, The Long Hello offers this same perspective. The 36 Hour Day is still a good resource, but it has been rounded out. Perhaps Still Alice in the theaters will be a call to more funding and more action to maximize life with the disease as well as end the disease.

Author: Cate
Passionate about dementia care and quality of life throughout the last days of life----sums up Cate McCarty, Dr. Cate, Dementia Coach. With close to forty years of long-term care experience in nursing and recreation, a Master's in Thanatology and a PhD in Aging Studies, Dr. Cate seizes every opportunity to translate research into quality of life for individuals with dementia and all of us who have the honor to "rub elbows" with them.

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  1. So true. As awareness increases and the number of early onset increases and the financial impact it has on society increases, the better the resources will be. I continue to champion for awareness and better funding. Time will tell. Come home to Florida so we can make things happen.

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