Training Seminar for Faith-Based Communities

“Grace-Filled Alzheimer’s Care, Church’ Call to Action”, a three hour interactive seminar applying scripture to the Alzheimer’s epidemic.

“Practical Grace in Alzheimer’s Care”, applying scripture and research-based solutions in an interactive three hour seminar for professional and family caregivers as well as clergy and lay ministers

Spirit and Purpose in Dementia Care
Too many of us find ourselves baffled in the face of changes an individual with dementia experiences. We find ourselves saddened by the regular losses and challenged to meet the individual’s physical needs let alone their spiritual and emotional needs.
How do I individualize my care to meet unique spiritual and emotional needs of clients with dementia?
How do I use my faith as a guide in my plan of care and daily interactions?
What does the Bible say about dementia and how do I practice these truths?
This interactive seminar will give you the tools to:
• Explore unique cultural and spiritual challenges to care
• Use the Bible to bridge the gap in understanding dementia and its unique needs
• Apply the latest research on spiritual and emotional needs of both the individual with dementia and the family
• Develop a prayer strategy for implementing heightened spiritual and emotional care

It’s a Family Affair, Family and Healing

How often have you or your team stated, “The family is harder to deal with than the patient?” At the same time we realize that family is a key component with statements like “She is waiting for her son” or “He is calm when his wife is here.” Families are often more confused, less accepting and more time-consuming than the patient. Sometimes the family dynamic is overwhelming to staff and perceived to be detrimental to the patient. Yet realistically we know that family is elemental to healing.
How do we as compassionate caregivers empower family as healing agent within our fast-paced care environment?  In this seminar you will learn:
• To identify and target family stakeholders
• To effectively utilize patient and family preferences to smooth interactions
• To utilize the impact of activities and recreation on family dynamics
• To build and strengthen the inter-disciplinary team as a family moderator

Applying Your Sixth Sense at the Bedside
Sometimes it seems there is no straightforward, easy case. The family and patient complications are overwhelming to basic medical attention. Whether the patient is exhibiting increased negative behaviors or living their final days, we as caregivers need to have super-power tools to provide quality care. Using the five physical senses may not be enough.
What would it be like if we each had a readily accessible third eye? If we could use our intuition and the patient’s spiritual preferences to take our approach up a notch?
How can we match our spiritual sense to our patient’s in order to transcend the present complications?  This interactive seminar will provide participants with the tools to:
• Strengthen our spiritual sixth sense personally and as a team
• Practice centering prior to care, using touch and demeanor to maximize care
• Determine the family and patient’s spiritual sense as a team
• Apply universal spiritual similarities to everyday crises

Final Gifts, Capturing the Grace in Dying
Despite our professional proximity to death, it often feels like a complication of care. Even though most of us have not taken the Hippocratic Oath, we still may find embracing death and dying uncomfortable. From discussing DNR orders to providing therapy at end-of-life, we are often awkwardly unsure of how to proceed.How do we continue to provide optimal care when our healing solutions are no longer needed?
What elements are most valuable in providing care and comfort?
How do we process our grief, the grief of other patients, and family?
This interactive seminar will provide you with the tools needed to:
• Optimize bedside environment for the dying
• Develop team strategies for grieving
• Apply cultural sensitivity to the dying patient and grieving family
• Identify and apply personal and team strengths in death and dying to our bedside care



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