BCAT Cognitive Testing

Dr. Cate is licensed in BCAT® – what makes this cat different?

There are many cognitive assessment tools.

The Brief Cognitive Assessment Test® system is a pedigree from the BCAT® Research Team led by Dr. William Mansbach. It is a set of unique well-researched cognitive screening and assessment tools to assist in determining levels of care needed and help with non-pharmacological behavior approaches.

There are six assessments in the test system:

  • BCAT®-15-minute; for memory factor & executive function
  • BCAT®-SF-3-minute version
  • BAD-3-minute; Brief Anxiety & depression Scale
  • KPT® Kitchen Picture Test-visual test of practical judgement
  • VPJ® Verbal test of Practice Judgement for more nuanced judgement problems

For more detailed information on BCAT®, visit https://www.thebcat.com/bcat-faculty

The BCAT® system can be used to establish a health record baseline, be used to show efficacy of interventions, and/or assist in validating caregiver observations.

To schedule your virtual BCAT® tests, contact Dr. Cate at catemccarty@gmail.com or vkcronin1@gmail.com.