Dr. Cate Memory Engagement Cafes, virtual social gatherings for folks in the same brain change boat. Whether you’re feeling isolated and worried about your memory or you have one of the over 100 diagnoses, a memory cafe is a friendly spot. We simply spend time together reminiscing about a topic. You can attend alone, or with a partner, decision is yours. See the calendar below for entries with “Zoom Cafe” for dates, times and free registration. A sample memory cafe video is here:

It’s All About ME Virtual Support--Maximizing Energy for Care Partners, an instrumental support group geared to caregivers who are looking for directed discussion. Dr. Cate chooses a topic useful to care partners and facilitates an interactive discussion with application homework. See the calendar below for entries with “Zoom Support” for dates, times and free registration.

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Now: Mar 28 10:13 am
3:00 pm GriefShadow @ Virtual
GriefShadow @ Virtual
Mar 29 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Chronic illness can cast a long shadow with care extending 10-20 years. As the illness advances, the losses accumulate and the shadow starts to swallow the care partner. Blocking off light and reducing the ill individual to a mere silhouette or ghost of who they once were. GriefShadow® was designed to address this “Long good-bye”. A 16-week instrumental support group for the pre-death grief of a dementia caregiver. The latest research will be translated and applied with coping strategies presented. Each session will be a workshop format with interactive discussion followed by a reflection worksheet. Enrollment is continuous with the...