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De Nada

Responses to thank you. We say, if we are being polite, ‘You are welcome.” Here in Puerto Rico, they say “De Nada”. It’s nothing. That is somehow heartwarming to hear. It’s not a big deal. You can ask for more, … Continue reading

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The ABC’s of Sensory Preferences

Each of us has our own unique fingerprint as well as our own unique sensory preferences.  With our fingerprint, we can be universally identified often for less than positive reasons.  With our unique sensory preferences we can be universally pleased … Continue reading

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Engaging the Senses

No matter your cognitive status, you experience the world through your senses.  As cognitively alert individuals we choose the sensory stimulation with which we surround ourselves.  As  graduate students, we were assigned cubicles for our in-house studies.  As a student … Continue reading

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Gerontological Withdrawal

Or where are all the old people? One thing I noticed in my time in the Abacos, Bahamas was the dearth of older people.  I saw more folks over the age of 65 on boats than on land.  Had I … Continue reading

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Memory Companion Training

Thirty six hours of interactive training on optimal therapeutic recreation for individuals with dementia—compiling years of experience and training into 36 hours.  It is so fulfilling to finally get to share my passion.  Better still–to be able to share it … Continue reading

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Sentimental Journey

I recently made a trip to my home state where I was able to spend time with my daughter and my sister both together and separately.  It was a great time.  One day we visited an area of Baltimore which … Continue reading

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Working with  fully operational cognition, I am struck with the difficulties of transitioning from one job to another.  The last month between jobs at age 24 felt the same as this last month at 54.  There’s the anticipation of life … Continue reading

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For the Small Voice

Fathers are such powerful people in our lives. Some of us were “daddy’s little girls”. Some of us were always a bit afraid of disappointing Dad. Some of us are adults bound with grudge and resentment towards our dad. Regardless … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Holiday. Today is a day to remember those who gave and lost for their country. For some of us that is a distant thought—those too young to have heard the stories of Pearl Harbor. Those who have not had a … Continue reading

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Imagine a World

Imagine a world where savory memories had no place to be shared. At the ripe age of 53, in the middle of the night—half awake. half asleep my mind meanders through memories. Random sensory moments. I try to envision walking … Continue reading

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